Make a Request

Jefferson Middle School teachers may request funds for projects that support student learning. Teachers will make a formal request and, upon approval, they may either receive funds to make the purchase or be reimbursed for the approved expenditure. See 2014-15 PTO Payment Procedures for Teacher Requests.

Purchase Request Form

2014-15 Funded Requests

  1. Emily Haverkamp (Library) –
    • 22 DVDs in various subjects
    • 1-Year subscription to the Knoxville News-Sentinel 
  2. Steve Reddick – Tennessee History for Kids Booklets
  3. Kevin Webb – Language & Teddy Roosevelt Magazines
  4. Jim Dodson (Art) – Clay and shapes for drawing
  5. John Beard – “Wilderness Connections” supplies
  6. Jill Williford – Jr. Scholastic magazine
  7. Rosa Faulkner – Registration fees for Math Club in math competitions
  8. Kelly Sample – Scholastic magazine Que Tal
  9. Dorothy Fairs – Girls underwear (for emergencies)
  10. Lexie Scott – CDC Supplies
  11. John Harris – Landscaping supplies for work around front sign
  12. Counselors – Family Resource Center supplies
  13. Mike Murphy – Frogs for dissection
  14. Rachel Haun – 2 TI-84 calculators for loan in 8th grade math classes
  15. Brian Smith – “Geography Bee” prize gift cards
  16. Jim Dodson – Art supplies
  17. School Clinic – 3 oz. cups, ginger ale, saltine crackers, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, lozenges, & mints
  18. Tina Brady – Reimburse registration fees for Chess Club in chess tournament
  19. Coach Glover – New hurdles for track
  20. Mr. Beard – Cow eyes for dissection
  21. Mr. Goldberg – End-of-year school party expenses
  22. Ms. Haverkamp – Bulletin board & 2 white boards for the library (from Scholastic Book Fair proceeds.)
  23. Mr. Harris – Funds to beautify JMS grounds in front of the school
  24. Tina Brady – Travel funds for MathCON2015 for 15 students and a staff member to Chicago for competition

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