3D Printers & New PTO Officers

JMS is getting two new 3D printers for the next school year!
Thanks to the efforts of several staff members, Jefferson will be adding new 3D printers to the Library and the technology lab to enhance STEM education. This is particularly exciting news, considering ORNL’s recent production of a 3D printed Shelby Cobra and the significant investment by one of Oak Ridge’s newest corporate residents, CVMR Corporation, a metal powder manufacturing company. Something to look forward to!

A new slate of PTO officers was elected to serve JMS in 2015-16. Congratulations to Amy O’Brien, Leigh Aynne Eidemiller, Beth Palmer, & Jessica Steed! These new officers will preside over the May 19th PTO meeting, which will likely include some planning, and the meetings to come next year.

Lastly, a reminder from the JMS counseling staff: Parents are encouraged to randomly check their child’s cell phone site histories.

While we know parents trust their children to use good judgement, when given the responsibility to carry cell phones, there is a vulnerability factor that sometimes presents challenges that can compromise a parent’s control filter (or filter of control). As we embrace the improvement in the quality of education through technology, we want our students to be safe digital citizens.

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